The Shaw-“Luck” Redemption

“You either get busy crawlin’, or you get busy nappin’.”

Meet Garrett Priluck. Or, as we like to call him here at Baby Jail – Inmate #2. When Justin was just a baby, we bought “Baby Jail” to prevent him from rolling/crawling away when we had to put him down. It’s one thing to have a baby, but it’s another to have a MOBILE baby. When he was finally able to roam the house freely, his first trip was straight to the front door. I think it was his “Great Escape.” Baby Jail has prevented many escape attempts.

Garrett is now 8 months old and he is on the precipice of crawling. He is getting up on his hands and knees and he’s making a thrusting motion. There is no movement, just thrusting.  (Yes, I do make porn music sounds when I see him doing this.) So, on Friday night, we brought out the pieces of Baby Jail and built it once again. Originally, I went to Toys R Us and bought 100 colorful balls in order to make it look less “institutional.” Luckily, we saved them. After a thorough clearing, Justin, GWE and I began jamming them back into the bars to make it more colorful.

Welcome to The Hole!

As we brought Garrett into the living room, he was looking over GWE’s shoulder. He immediately saw what was waiting for him and he began to buck wildly with excitement. Once he was inside, he was in heaven. All of his toys were close by and the plush cushion around the base was soft under his butt. He grabbed for the colorful balls and tried to jam them into his mouth one by one. He then rolled onto his back, places his feet on the bars, and pushed himself around the inside of the jail to check it all out.

I have to admit that I thought this was cruel and unusual when we first purchased it. What kind of parent cages their child like this?? But the truth is, both kids have loved it. They see it as “their personal space” and playground. Who am I to argue with an 8 month old?

However, if Garrett starts playing a harmonica and singing “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen….,” I’m getting him out of there!

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