Dreams That You Dare to Dream Really Do Come True….

Several years ago, my wife announced that it was her dream to write, perform, and professionally record an album. While she has always been an amazing singer, I was a little skeptical (but, still VERY supportive.) The process of creating a record is something entirely different and it is a dauntingly, massive undertaking. There are musicians to hire, producers to deal with, arrangements to compose, equipment to deal with, designers and photographers to wrangle, tracks to cut and then re-cut, etc. And, you’ve still got to find TIME to do all of this.

Over the past few years, she has giving birth to (and raised) two amazing children, excelled at a full-time (and demanding) career, and continued to put up with my shenanigans….and yet, she was still able to successfully achieve her dream. My wife is a living example of “if you really want it, you’ll find a way to make it happen.” I used to joke that GWE had the ability to simply “will” things into existence. Here is another example of that…

I am excited and overwhelmingly proud to announce that as of next Tuesday, August 7th, Audra Lee’s debut album, “I’m All In will be available on iTunes, Amazon, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and other digital distribution channels!!! You can see and hear her first original song “I’m All In” right here!!

Enjoy and please get the album!! It is available NEXT TUESDAY!!!!

2 thoughts on “Dreams That You Dare to Dream Really Do Come True….

  1. Yay Audra! Congrats. I know how time consuming, and emotionally draining recording is… 🙂 So happy for you!

  2. Your album is terrific! Hopefully, it will top the charts here in Atlanta.

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