Sherlock: The Case of the Missing Inhibitions

As you may recall, I have a single friend who likes to torture me with stories of wild nights with loose woman and free flowing booze. We call him “Sherlock.” At precisely 12:38pm today, I received the following text:

“I’m headed out to breakfast now! I have a friend who is in town from Vegas for work and she happened to bring one of her friends. Long story short, we finished three bottles of sake while soaking in my hot tub and it lead to….well, let’s just say I’m exhausted. And my bed can easily accommodate three people!”

I calmly explained to him that it’s not uncommon for me to have four people in my bed. However, one of them is my sleeping wife and the other two are my children. Yes, I realize it’s not the same.

And yes, I am starting to dislike “Sherlock” as well.

2 thoughts on “Sherlock: The Case of the Missing Inhibitions

  1. Wutta punk!

    Awesome post. My husband had/has a Sherlock friend. He’s a doctor in L.A. Is your friend a doctor? Ugh. Thought on a slim chance there’d only be one such a**.

    Anyway, my husband’s Sherlock has been calling him up for the last 9+ years telling him about similar wild adventures, sometimes, ending with Lakers games and Lakers girl. Yeah, right.

    Reality: I think Sherlock would switch places with you if he could….

  2. Sherlock and I are in the same line of work. I think he likes to torture me because we have the same type of access to beautiful woman. However, he can do something about it. It doesn’t help that he just posted some pictures online from a photo booth around 3am.

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