Remote Controlled Baby!

While cleaning out the garage on Saturday, I rediscovered a “Walker” that was once Justin’s from when he was a baby. I happily pulled it out of the garage and cleaned it off. The following day, GWE and Justin went to a birthday party, thereby leaving Garrett and I alone. Since it was just the two of us at the house, I thought it was time for us to get into some trouble! So, I chose to reassemble the toy for Garrett’s enjoyment. Once it was ready, I plopped him into the seat. There was only one problem – he was still too small. His toes were barely able to touch the ground (even on the lowest setting). Instead of him “walking” around the kitchen, I had to push him around.

This was fun for about 10 minutes and he loved it, but it was killing my back. All of a sudden, I had a “MacGyver Moment!”

I reached into Justin toys and pulled out one of his “Speed Bumbers” vehicles. (It’s an omni-directional, 1.5 volt, remote-controlled car.) I then ran into the bathroom and came back with a roll of mint-flavored dental floss. I tied the RC car to the front of his Safety 1st Walker, turned on the remote control, pressed “forward” and…..nothing.

I would not be denied this moment of Fatherly Genius! I grabbed the 2nd “Speed Bumber” and attached it to the front of the walker as well. I had 3 whole volts at my command! I grabbed both remote controls, flipped them both on, and pressed forward!! Nothing…..not one inch of movement. I could hear the engines in both vehicles whirring away, but no movement. Garrett stared at me with a look of, “This has been fun, but I’m not your guinea pig. Let’s do something else.” Defeated, I cut loose the RC cars and put them back into their boxes.

I am now online looking to see how many volts it would take to successfully “drive” around a 26 lb baby in a 5 lb “walker.” I will not be denied the satisfaction of “Remote Controlled Baby!”

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