I Cannot Un-See What I Have Seen

There is no photographic evidence for the following story. Trust me….it’s better for everyone involved.

There are times in life when you walk into a room, witness something you wish you had never seen, and then slowly back away. That is what happened to me on Wednesday morning.

Before jumping into the shower, I placed Garrett on his play mat on the floor of the den and then instructed Justin (for the 35th time that morning) to get dressed. I told Justin that he would be a big help to me if he could keep an eye on Garrett. After a hot shower and shave, I decided to check on the boys.

What I saw was both horrifying and hilarious. Garrett was still laying on his play mat, but he had scooted up and his head was now off the mat. He was looking up and slightly back. Justin had both feet on either side of Garrett’s head and he was bent over while struggling with his shirt. Justin was facing away from me with one arm through his sleeve, the other arm was missing, and his head was stuck….in what I presume was his other sleeve.

Oh, and did I mention that Justin wasn’t wearing any underwear?? Yup! Justin was butt-naked and Garrett was stuck looking straight up at his open ass cheeks the whole time!! Garrett looked confused. It was as if Justin’s “kibbles and bits” were a new kind of mobile for Garrett. He was clearly waiting for something to happen! Music…lights…anything!!

I said nothing, went back to my bedroom to continue getting dressed, and hoped that the situation would work itself out.

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