Why Won’t Daddy Play with Me?

It’s true. I may have found something I love playing with more than my children. It is an XBox 360 Kinect. Maybe if Justin and Garrett came with left/right controllers, online capability, a USB port, and vibrating feedback – I might play with them more. Actually, I’ve found that if you pat Garrett too hard after a bottle, he DOES have “vibrating feedback!”

A year ago I wrote a blog post about Justin’s anticipation of a toy that was being shipped in the mail. With each passing day, I saw him yearn for that toy even more and look at me in scorn as I could not provide him with what he wanted when he wanted it. I thought it was funny.

I was wrong and I have learned my lesson.

Three weeks ago, GWE told me that we had over a 100,000 redeemable airline points. Since it was not from an airline that we usually use, she suggested that we redeem the points for actual products. She then told me that one of the items we could redeem the points for was an XBox 360 Kinect. I hesitated to answer. I thought that maybe this was some sort of “Guy Test.” Once she assured me that she was fine with this purchase, I told her to get it.

And then I waited….and waited…..and waited…..and waited. The website said that the products would be delivered no later than 7 days after they were ordered. Almost two weeks went by and nothing arrived. Each day, as I pulled into the driveway, I would pull my car as close to the front door as possible in hopes of looking over and seeing a UPS box. Yet each night, I was disappointed to find nothing.

Much like when Justin would give me the ‘evil eye’ when passing in the hall while waiting for his toy to arrive – I, too, began to do this with GWE. I held her responsible for MY toy not arriving! I told her that I was a grown man and if it didn’t show up by a certain date – I was going to the store and I was going to buy it all by myself. (Yeah – real mature!)

Finally, last Friday, at 5:55pm….it arrived – all 19lbs of it! It has been 6 days since my toy has been installed and I am obsessed with it.

I may love my boys and tuck them into bed at night, but I save my “goodnight kisses” for the XBox!

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