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I’d like to take a few minutes to point out a few of my favorite blogs and websites. I get nothing out of this other than the satisfaction of directing you to some fun and outrageous sites. Many are interesting. Some are weird. Others may make your head explode in coolness!

The Bloggess – She is hilarious. She recently had a posting about her experiences in HR which I forwarded to “a friend.” She fell over laughing at how accurate this blog posting really was.

Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch – I found this on “The Bloggess” website. I am obsessed with this actor. If you haven’t seen “Sherlock,” rent it. Now. Get in your car. GO!!! A little known fact – Benedict was up for the role of “Doctor Who” after David Tennant left the show. I would pay to watch this guy read the phone book!

Think Geek – If you like “Doctor Who” (and you may not be my friend if you don’t), check out the shirts, toys, and “tchotch·kes” at Think Geek. I get no kickbacks from this. Just know that if I win the lottery – THIS is the first place I’m shopping. Geek toys galore!!!

Asshole Baby –The blogger at Asshole Baby is going to hell. I’ve never read postings that are so appalling, yet “snot rocket” funny. If his daughter turns out to be a stripper in 18 years, I guarantee it’s because she read her daddy’s blog.

Daddy by Default – This is my buddy Craig. I feel bad. I told him that I would write a guest piece for his blog and I haven’t gotten around to it. It’s been 8 months. Sorry Craig – you’re getting a “Pity Pimpin’.”

Letters to My Daughter – This is an interesting blog written by a talent agent I worked for about a decade ago. His daughter was born on the morning of 9/11. One moment he was experiencing the greatest joy in his life with the birth of his daughter and the next – he was experiencing the horror and chaos of watching terrorists attack New York.

How to Be a Dad – This guy is one of us. And by “us” – I mean another hapless dad who won’t be leaving his house for another 18 years either!

Doctor Who Dances to The Proclaimers – This is pleasantly appropriate, yet utterly ridiculous. I’m ending this blog with a song and dance number. Once again, if you don’t smile at this – we can’t be friends.

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  1. CUMBERBATCH! Seriously. Amazing. When paired with Martin Freeman–even better!

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