Papa, Can you Hear Me?

A few weeks ago, we had a series of events happen that could only be described as “Shit Storm 2012.” Within a matter of hours GWE’s father had an accident (he is fine now) and was rushed to the hospital, GWE raced out of the house to be with him (leaving me with the kids), and then Garrett developed a weird “eye goop” problem which turned out to be conjunctivitis. It became a circus of frantic phone calls, doctors, and prescriptions! And…..all of this happened on a night that GWE and I were supposed to be having Date Night.

Amidst the chaos, I had forgotten that we scheduled a baby-sitter to come to the house and watch the kids. When she arrived, she walked into a house where one child was sitting in his underwear watching television eating Pirate Booty, a baby was screaming bloody murder, and then there was me…un-showered, partially undressed, and frantically trying to “handle the situation.”

In an effort not to alarm Justin as to what was happening around him, I asked the babysitter to join me in the baby’s room. I then closed the door and quietly explained the situation. I wanted to let the babysitter know exactly what was going on (thereby, giving her the option to leave if she so chose.) Once again, I tried to be careful NOT to let Justin know what was happening.

The babysitter chose wisely and decided to take a rain check. As I closed the door behind her, I heard Justin ask, “What happened to Bob?”

Shocked, I tried to play dumb. “What do you mean, buddy?” He calmly replied, “I heard you say that Bob had a boo-boo.” I could not figure out how he overheard this, but I let him know that Bob was going to be fine. He then turned to me again and asked, “Why is Garrett sick? Is he going to be ok?” HOW WAS THIS HAPPENING?!?!?!?! I took every precaution! He was across the house sitting on the sofa while watching television when the conversation took place!!!! There is no way he could have heard us. It wasn’t until I heard a “beep beep” from the kitchen table that I realized where he was getting his information.

I left the baby monitor on! He heard every word of my conversation. Then it dawned on me – Justin has heard every word of EVERY conversation we’ve ever had in the baby’s room!!!

Some days, you just can’t win!

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