Justin VS. Siri

While on the way to “MamaBob’s” house in Orange County, GWE decided to ask her iPhone’s Siri App for a traffic update. Siri correctly replied with a detailed map of red spots specifically marking the trouble spots up ahead. From the back seat, Justin became immediately interested in GWE’s phone and decided that he wanted to also ask Siri a couple of questions. GWE handed him the phone:

Justin: “Siri, what highway are we on?”

Siri: “I do not understand the question”


Siri: “I do not understand the question.”

I took the phone from Justin and decided to ask my own questions:

Jason: “Siri, why does Justin smell so bad?”

(Justin erupted with laughter)

Siri: “I do not understand the question.”

Jason: “Siri, what is poop?”

Siri: (paused) “Let’s keep it clean here, ok?”

(All three of us burst into laughter.)

Justin decided that this was too much fun and asked for the phone back to resume interrogating Siri.

Justin: “Siri, Is daddy a man or a muppet?”

Siri: No response.

Justin: “Siri, Why do you hate daddy?” (giggle, giggle)

Siri: Again, no response.

Siri had decided that we were either too silly or stupid to play with, so she stopped responding. It didn’t matter – we had our fun!

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