Crazy Hair Day

ADDENDUM 3/1/12 – Last night I gave Justin a 30 minute shower. I dried and combed his hair. This morning, it was back to being “Crazy Hair” – and it was stuck!! I could not get all of the product and hairspray out that I had put into his hair. I took him to school this morning and swore to every teacher that Justin really was clean and that I just couldn’t get the gel out of this hair. I even looked at Justin and told him to tell the teacher that he got a bath. In a monotone voice he said, “Daddy said I got a bath.” NO NO NO!!! One of the teachers then took a sniff. “Oh, and he asked me for a small ‘shpritz’ of my cologne,” I explained to the teacher. I’m certain they think I didn’t bath him, freshened him up like a Frenchman, and then sent him on his way.

Per Teacher Suzanna – “Justin walked up to his reflection in the window by the block area, saw his crazy hairdo, and screamed in delight! Too Funny!!”

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