You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!

Justin recently got the gift of “Piddlers – Toilet Targets.” These are tiny pieces of colored styrofoam that you toss into a toilet and are used as an aid for peeing. It’s supposed to help the child “aim” for the water. If you’ve ever seen my son pee – you know that this is the perfect gift for him because he has the aim of Stevie Wonder. Justin likes to “weave” back and forth while peeing. He splashes the back of the seat then hits base of the bowl and then over to the wall and maybe a little sprinkle or two on the toilet paper roll and then finally – a few dribbles on the front of the seat…..all the while looking at everything BUT the toilet bowl.

If I have to accidentally sit on his pee again, I am going to make him piss in the yard for a week!!

So, for the past week, we’ve been tossing “Piddlers” into the toilet to get Justin to aim for the bowl. They come in three colors: yellow, pink, and purple. At this point, he will only use the purple ones. For some reason, purple must “die the death of Justin’s hot urine!” However, there is one small problem with the product. They don’t flush well. I’ve seen the styrofoam go down the drain only to reappear back in the bowl a few moments later.

The Piddlers that resurface have a new opponent – ME! That’s right! If Justin can’t get them down, it’s up to “daddy” to finish the job! I should be ashamed to admit all of this, but I’m not because my aim has gotten much better!

Thanks Piddlers!!

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