An Open Letter to “Future Me”

Each of us has a “Me” and a “Future Me.” “Future Me” is the you in the future who is stuck dealing with the consequences of the actions from the “Me” from right now. Allow me to explain – suppose you went drinking with your friends and you had a few too many. (This is the action of “Me”) You did it because you were feeling good; you were hanging out with friends; or maybe you were trying to impress some girls. Life at that moment is good! “Future Me” is the you a few hours later who is in pain and blowing chunks because the past version of you drank too much. You see – “Me” acted recklessly knowing that there were no immediate repercussions. “Future Me” is the schmuck laying on the floor of the bathroom “praying to the porcelain god” even though he wasn’t the one drinking – that other version of you was! (It’s complicated, but I know you get it.)

So I would like to address this blog posting from the “Current Me” to the “Future Me” –

“Dear Future Me,

You are tired. You are so beyond tired that you are bound to make mistakes. I’d like to help you avoid one now. In the kitchen (and the picture above), you will notice that the Similac POWDERED Baby Formula is entirely too close to the Sugar Free Hazelnut POWDERED Coffee Creamer. One of these goes into your coffee and one of these goes into your child. So far, you have survived a full month of 2:00am and 4:00am (one-eye shut) formula mixings and feedings without making a mistake. However, I would suggest moving the creamer – otherwise, your baby will be getting a Hazelnut surprise during his next feeding and you will get more nutrition in your next cup of coffee than you expect.

Thank you….and I apologize for the Mexican Fiesta dinner you will be dealing with later on!

All the best,


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