The Negotiator

While on vacation a few weeks ago, Justin tried to negotiate how many bites of green bean casserole he would have to eat before he could have potato chips.

For those of you who actually know me, you know that I am a highly trained, well-seasoned representative and negotiator for actors and actresses in Hollywood. I have negotiated deals that would have made lesser men wet themselves, leave the business, and move back across the country to live with their parents. I think I can handle a 4 year old.

Lesson one – make sure you know how to count before you enter into a negotiation with me!

Here was the negotiation – Me: 3, Him: 2, Me: 3, Him: 1, Me: 4, Him: 3, Me: ok, 3. Him: no way daddy (pause) 4? Me: ok, you win. 4!

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