It’s Not Fun until Someone Cries!

Justin and I created a new game this week. It’s called “Angry Daddy” or “Angry Justin,” based on who the instigator is. Recently, GWE got a Droid phone and downloaded an App called “Angry Birds.” You play this game by using your finger to pull back your bird in a slingshot, aim him towards a building, and then release and watch the bird smash into the building in the hopes of destroying the pigs that each structure protects.

This game has been a BIG hit in my house. I love playing it, Justin loves playing it, and GWE loves playing it. The problem: not all three of it can play at the same time! Justin and I are usually the ones who fight over the game every evening. We’ve even devolved to the point where either he or I will end up yelling, “Mom!!!! He won’t share with me!!!” (Let’s be honest, it’s usually me!) Once Justin has the Droid, his tactic is to take the game, hold it in his lap, hunch his head and shoulders over in, and then bring his knees to his chest in an effort to play the game and keep it away from me. He becomes his own “ball.”

This week, in an effort to broaden the scope of the game and make it a little more interactive, I’ve introduced “Angry Daddy” and “Angry Justin.” THIS game is not played on a computer!

Here’s what you do:

1)      Announce to your opponent that it’s time for: “Angry Daddy” or “Angry Justin.”

2)      Take a few steps backwards

3)      Fling yourself forward in an effort to knock down the other person

4)      Knock down the other person

5)      Get off of the other person who is now lying on the floor either laughing or crying.

That’s it! So far, this game has been a massive success in my house. I’d like to see Hasbro or Milton Bradley come up with a better concept!

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