Don Juan de “Ralphs”

Justin is a stud. I’ve never seen anyone with more “game” than my 4 year old son. I wish I had a fraction of his charisma and charm when it comes to women. It is incredible to watch him “work his magic.”

Case in point:

Justin and I went to Ralphs to do some grocery shopping. We were in the middle of picking out some apples when we heard a little voice yell, “IT’S JUSTIN!!” Like Meerkats, Justin and I popped our heads up and craned them around to see who was calling out his name. The little girl was Abigail (a tall, blonde, non-Jewish girl from Justin’s daycare class) and she was being followed by her mother and her little sister. Justin immediately yelled “Hi” back and went over to see her. He looked at her and then her younger sister and said, “Abby, I didn’t know you had a baby!” She laughed as he reached out to touch her hand. (Good move, made her laugh and then touched her in a comforting way). For a few minutes, Justin and Abby spoke about class and apples while her mother and I chatted. Then, I heard Justin say to Abby, “Abby, would you like to come to our house for dinner? We’re making Raviolis!” (Another good move, girls like food and a man who can cook). Abby’s mom politely declined, but thanked Justin. In a final move I can only describe as “bold”, “determined,” and “fearless”, Justin got closer to Abby and said, “Abby, would you like to come over for a sleepover?” (Excellent move!! He just got in there and told her what he wanted!!) Abby’s mom stepped in again and told Justin that it was a nice offer, but that Abby would be going home with them. Justin understood, took the attitude of “oh well, it’s your loss”, and went back to picking his apples. (That’s right buddy – there are plenty of fish in the sea!!)


Ten minutes later, we pulled into a checkout lane only to find Abby again. Once again, Justin walked up to her and touched her hand. They began to talk about all the candies on the shelf and which ones they liked. Justin grabbed a big box of Whoppers and handed them to me while saying, “Daddy, these are for mommy. She loves them.” (Another incredible move!! Girls like guys who love their mother!) After a few more minutes of chatting, Abby and her family went their way and we went ours.

This is just one example of Justin and “his women”. What can I say? Justin loves the ladies and they love him back!!

2 thoughts on “Don Juan de “Ralphs”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!! Stud muffin Justin! You could learn a few tips from him!!!

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