Cookie Jesus

Justin and I always manage to have a good time in the car, even though he hates riding in my car and prefers to ride in GWE’s. It’s not about the driver or the car, but rather the amenities in the car! When he’s in mommy’s car, he can relax by watching a DVD while wearing headphones and using a velvet travel neck-rest. In my car, his options are a) talk to me, b) listen to the radio, or c) ride in silence.

Lately, he’s chosen to talk to me and tell me about all of the things that he sees outside. He’ll point out movie posters or he’ll tell me about the other cars around us. Many times we’ll pass someplace that he likes and he’ll remind me that we’ve been there and what his experience was like.

A few months ago, I picked up Justin from school and we jumped in the car to go to dinner. He told me that he wanted to go to Chili’s. I agreed and we called GWE to let her know where we were going so she could meet up with us. As we were driving towards the restaurant, Justin started to scream “COOKIE JESUS!!!!! COOKIE JESUS!!!!!” I turned around to see what was going on and his face was all red as he continued to yell “COOKIE JESUS!!! COOKIE JESUS!!!!!” I tried to get him to calm down, but he just kept yelling it at me. As we got to the restaurant, he just got louder and angrier with me. “COOKIE JESUS!!!! COOKIE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!” I parked in the parking lot of Chili’s and proceeded to help him into the restaurant. I could tell that he was very angry with me….because he actually said, “Daddy, I’m very angry!” As we walked inside, I kept asking him to clarify what “Cookie Jesus” was. He just kept saying the same thing over and over and over. Finally, GWE arrived and Justin turned to her and started yelling, “COOKIE JESUS!!! COOKIE JESUS!!!!!” For the entire meal, we kept asking him what that meant, but we just couldn’t figure it out.

A few days later, Justin and I were in the car again going down the same street. Once again, Justin started screaming at the top of his lungs “COOKIE JESUS!!!! COOKIE JESUS!!!” However, this time was different. This time he was actually pointing!! As I looked over I finally realized what “Cookie Jesus” meant. Justin was trying to tell me that he wanted to go to “CHUCKY CHEESE’S!!”

In summary, there is more likelihood of me actually eating a Cookie Jesus than ever going to Chucky Cheese’s!!!

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