“Roofied” by a Three and a Half Year Old

While at Michael’s Art Supply store, Justin asked me if he could have a toy. He picked out a package of “Grow Creatures”. They come in a package of 10 or 12 and look like medicine capsules. (Major design flaw!) To “activate” the toy, you place it in hot water and wait for the magic to happen! The capsule casing will dissolve and the sponge-like creature will form an animal shape ten times its original form.

As I get older, I realize that Justin’s questions are getting better. However, I’m not yet ready to end a sentence in “Because I said so” – so I now look things up before he asks. Here is a better explanation of what happens with the “Grow Creatures”: “They are made of a hydrophilic (“water-loving”) polymer called a hydrogel, similar to the absorbent chemical in modern disposable diapers. The hydrogel is combined with another polymer which is hydrophobic (not rabid, just “water-hating”), which causes the animal to hold its shape as it grows, and which helps it maintain its shape as it shrinks if removed from water.” (Let’s see Justin ask a follow-up question to THAT explanation!)

I’ve told Justin over and over again – don’t eat the “Grow Creature”, just put it in hot water and wait!

This morning (while I wasn’t watching), he decided to place a capsule in my HOT coffee to watch it grow. I didn’t notice it until I pulled a “Sponge Tiger” out of my mouth.

In retrospect, three things went horribly wrong:

1)    Justin “Roofied” me. He slipped a “pill” into my coffee!!!

2)    Justin actually followed my instructions. He put the “pill” in a hot liquid (as instructed) and he did not eat it (I did!).

3)    Once again, Justin demonstrated “out of the box” thinking that I was not prepared for.

So, the lesson here is: If Justin is near your drink and he looks guilty, something is very, very wrong!!

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