Oh, Shit…I’m Shot!

While GWE was on a business trip 2 weeks ago, I decided to take Justin to Target to get his first Nerf gun. As I see it, you’re not really a man until you’ve shot someone with a spring-loaded, plastic toy. We picked out three brightly colored guns (with extra ammo) and came home where I proceeded to show him how to load, aim, and fire his new weapon. For the next three days, we ran around the house and backyard shooting each other in the head! We both had a fantastic time and it was a great way for us to play together (and have him burn off some of that “Super Justin” energy he’s got so much of!)

However, this morning, Justin showed me his true colors! He eagerly woke me at 6:15am with his usually rant of “I’ve got to go peepee….I wanna watch “Spongebob”…..I want a mini-bagel with fruit!” I sat him down at the peninsula so he could watch me make breakfast and he could still see the TV. I got him a glass of milk and then proceeded to make him a delicious and nutritious breakfast. While my back was turned I heard him giggle to himself and assumed that he was laughing at the TV. I should have known better.

The next thing I know, I heard a “click” and then Justin shot me in the back with his Nerf gun. As I turned around, I saw him out of the corner of my eye grinning from ear to ear and trying to quickly pull back the mechanism to reload the gun. This little assassin actually got off two more shots (at my ass) while I was trying to find one of the other guns. As I quickly turned around to fire, he yelled “ALL DONE…ALL DONE!!!!!” and he lowered his gun to show me that he wasn’t going to shoot me again. He then told me he was sorry and told me to put my gun away. At the moment I chose to put my gun down on the counter, he pulled out the other gun from behind his back and shot me in the head again!!!!!! What the hell?!?!? I tried to make him breakfast AND show him mercy and he shot me in the head while laughing like a deranged mad man!!!

Let’s see if he likes being woken up at 3am with a Nerf gun pointed at his head! 🙂

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