Justin’s Magical Elixir

After an hour of horsing around and jumping on Daddy, Justin told me that his tummy hurt. He went on to tell me that he needed “medicine.” I told him that he didn’t need medicine – but he yelled, “NO, I want MED-CINE!!”

Thinking quickly, I grabbed his hand and took him into the kitchen where we made/created “Justin’s Magical Elixir”. We poured apple juice into a cup, added two blueberries (because three blueberries will make you a junkie), and a drop of honey.

I then told him that this was his “special medicine” and that he needed to drink it while sitting quietly on the sofa. “Magically”, he felt much better.

Either Justin thinks I’m Merlin The Magician or the guy behind the counter at Jamba Juice.

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