My Son isn’t in Daycare…He’s in a gang!

I took Justin to daycare (as I do most mornings.) On this particular morning, he wanted me to stay for awhile and play with his friends. Everyone in his class is either 3 or 4 years old. While outside, he decided that he wanted to play “Frankenstein”. He grabbed my leg and sat on my foot and told me to walk – so I did. His friend Townsend watched us and decided that he wanted to “play” as well, so he sat on my other foot as I walked.

All was fine, until Townsend started slipping off. In an effort not to step on a child (I didn’t own) and still having Justin stuck to my other leg, I was a little off balance. And then, Dylan went in for the kill – and pushed me from behind. (In retrospect, I think they had been planning this!)

The next thing I know, I am laying face first on the ground with a kid wrapped around either leg and Dylan on my back yelling “yeehaw!!” (And while I cannot prove it, I swear I felt a little hand reach for my wallet!) Once again, in an effort not to damage children that were not mine, I tried to slide away from them on my belly….and one thought kept going through my head, “Where the hell are the teachers??” Yes, three 3 year olds took me down and KEPT me down – and there was no teacher in sight to save me.

After a minute or two of trying to slink away, I finally look up, there is “Teacher Linda” with a digital camera taking a picture. Just was she turns to walk away I hear her say, “Oh, that will be good for the yearbook!”.

On my drive to work, I thought about this incident and realized – “Justin and his friends are little thugs!”

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